Records of the Cursa dels Nassos 2019

Relay of the race
European race with more sub 40 minutes
The Cursa dels Nassos of Barcelona, ​​has broken several historical records in Barcelona, ​​one of them with more participants arrived in less than 30 minutes, no less than the 15th has finished in less than 30 minutes (The previous edition was 14) a milestone without precedents in a Catalan race, and continues to renew as the European race with more participants down 40 minutes, also with a record, no less than 1,101 participants (the previous edition were 965) of which 64 women.
It also remains the Spanish race with more athletes in less than 50 minutes, 3,997 the previous edition, and this 2019 with no less than 4,135 participants.
National record
Another record broken, the national record of Latvia that for the 2nd consecutive edition has broken the World Cup Djimitrijs Serjogins (La Sansi), stopping it at 29’11 ”, improving its 29’36” of 2018.
The excellent climate in Barcelona, ​​a marked route every 500 meters, the 29 hares, 24 previous workouts, the high level and a tradition of running the year, 9 drawers and 3 exits, has produced great brands both elite and popular .
Renew victory
In the men's category, and renewing, victory for the international Artur Bossy with 28'52 ”, after a great duel with Stuard, Le Bihan, War, Chakir and Serjogins, and in the women's category the first to arrive was the French of only 20 years, Melody Julien, who made 32'48 ”, but the judges of the Catalan federation removed from the classification for a matter of regulation, since it does not admit to leaving in the classification high-level foreign athletes, since the race of the RFEA calendar, but of the FCA, giving the official victory to the world cup Marta Galimany, who was second with 32'59 ”personal mark. The French Sophie Duarte, third with 33’26 ”was also removed from the standings, and several foreign athletes who had paid their registration.
The race with about 10,400 registered (2% less than the previous year) from more than 50 countries, is consolidated as one of the great European races of 10km to make mark and enjoy before the end of the year.
The Cursa dels Nassos 2019 has been organized, under the baton of the Barcelona City Council and the executive direction of La Sansi.
Photographs of Natascha Chekannikova that can be published
1. Artur Bossy (FCB) 28’52
    Jonathan Stuard (England) 28’57
    Krilan Le Bihan (France) 29’00
   Michael Ward (France) 29’01
2.Ibrahimk Chakir 29’08
3. Dmitrijs Serjogins (Latvia) 29’11 Latvia Record
4. Mourad Mounim
    Aziz Boukebal (France)
5.Mourad El Bannouri (Morocco)
   Stephane Valenti (France) 29’38
6. Abderrahim Ougra (Morocco) 29’40
   Hamid Zerrifi (France) 29’40
7. Gaëtan Cals (France) 29’43
   Mark Pearce (England) 29’50 ”
8. Josep Arnal 29’55
9. Mohamed El Ghazouany (Morocco) 30’05
10. Alejandro Rodriguez 30’06
11. Albert Nogueras 30’25
12. Abdenasser Oukkheflen (Morocco) 30’31 ”
13. Dmitrijs Jurkevics (Latvia) 30’34
14.Ricard Pastó 30’36
15.Benjamin Alquier (France) 30’39
17.Carles Castillejo 30’47
   Melody Julien (France) 32’48 ”
1. Marta Galimany (FCB) 32’59 ”
   Sophie Duarte (France) 33’28
2. Miriam Ortiz 33’29
3. Nuria Gil 34’21
4 Gisela Carrion 34’24
5.Eli Gordon 34’38
6. Douae Ouboukir 34’42 ”