Regulations Cursa dels Nassos International 5 km exclusive for professional athletes

1. The international 5km Cursa dels Nassos will take place on December 31, and the men's race (Names for men) will start at 4:00 p.m. and the women's race (Names for women) at 4:25 p.m. It will be part of the WA International calendar.

Way out:
• Exit: Avinguda Icària, between c. Architect Sert and c. Rosa Sensat In front of CEM Nova Icària.
• Arrival: Carrer Selva de Mar, in front of Plaça Ramon Calsina, at the same point as the 10km.

2. The race will be exclusively for athletes invited by the organization with a minimum participation mark of the last 3 years in the 5 km for men 14'00" and for women 16'30". Other athletes may also participate that the organization considers for the sake of the race.

3. The distance: 5 Km. Homologated and certified by the RFEA with official Xipgroc timing.

4. The route is a practically flat circuit, with only 6 turns, but with departure and arrival at different points, which is properly signposted and marked every half kilometer. There will be refreshments on arrival.

5. The maximum time to finish the race will be 18 minutes for women and 15 minutes for men.

6. The use of a chip is mandatory, which will go with the number. Bibs will be handed out at the Novaicaria gym right next to the start, from 1h 30 minutes before the start, until 30 minutes before the start.

7. The organization may modify the timetable and route due to external causes or force majeure without modifying the distance of the test.

8. The only vehicles that can follow the test will be those expressly authorized by the organization.

9. It is mandatory to run the race, with the number placed on the front of the shirt or top so that it is visible. This number is personal and non-transferable, the organization will disqualify the runner without a number, or who participates with the number of another person, canceling the mark achieved.

10. The participants will assume the damages that may be caused to themselves or to third parties. The organization declines any responsibility in this regard.

11. Prizes will be awarded to the first 3 and first 3, who will collect their trophy at the end of the race in the awarding area.

12. There will be hare service at different rates, toilets in the Novaicaria gym, and mobile wardrobes available to participants who will carry their backpacks from the start to the finish. The organization is not responsible for objects that may be deposited by participants. It is essential to carry them in a bag. A vehicle will take the bags from departure to arrival.

13. The participants explicitly allow their name, surname, gender and year of birth to be published on the lists of registrants, as well as on the list of results if they finish the race, following the established regulations.

14. There will be no refreshment service during the route. The only hydration point will be located after crossing the finish line. We will also have water at the exit.

15. Signing up implies acceptance of these regulations and the RFEA and FCA race regulations. The organization will decide any incident that is not foreseen.

16. The race will be marked every 500 meters.