1. La Cursa dels Nassos will be held on Tuesday December 31, 2019. The start will be at Carrer Selva de Mar at 17:30. The website is www.cursadenassos.barcelona
  2. The race is open to all citizens. The minimum age to participate in the race is 16 years. Participants aged between 16 and 17 at the time of pick up the number, must submit an authorization signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  3. The distance is 10 km, it is measured by the Catalan Athletics Federation and certified by RFEA. It’s the same route as last year.
  4. The route is signposted and marked every half kilometer. The refreshment points will be located approximately at the 5th kilometer and at the finish.
  5. The race will be closed after 1 hour and 20 minutes after starting the final runners.
  6. It is mandatory to use the chip. Participants who do not have chip property (yellow chip) must purchase a disposable chip for the price of 2 euros, VAT included (see conditions in the "Registration"). A white chip that you’ll have to return at the finish line.
  7. The registration fee is € 14 plus 2 € in case of using a chip rent. Failure to participate will not be refunded in the same or white chip, if for reasons not attributable to the organization. Registration will close when reached 14,000 runners registered.
  8. The organization can modify the route, through no fault or force majeure without changing the distance of the race
  9. The output is designed for drawers based on proven best record in 10 km races in the past two years ChallengeBcn10K. Each box is identified with a color. Only accessible to runners who have back or wrist distinctive color of each drawer. If you do not have a time you’ll be at the white box or can come to the fair and show as your best time at a race in your country.
  10. The start of wheelchair participants will be at 17:27 pm. The other outputs will be staged in three times: first, in 17:30; the second at 17:33 pm and the third at 17:38 hours. The categorization will be taken into account in real time.
  11. The only vehicles that can follow the race are expressly authorized by the organization.
  12. The number and the chip should reap the days and schedules established by the organization. More information on the web www.cursadenassos.barcelona
  13. Failure to remove the number shirt and runner's bag on set means that the participant resigns to take part in the race. It is mandatory to participate in the race with the number (see "Collecting backend").
  14. Registration for the Cursa dels Nassos is transferable and implies acceptance of these rules. Under no circumstances, once a registration may be transferred to third parties for participation is unable to attend the day of the test.
  15. It offers participants a cloakroom service. The organization is not liable for objects that you deposit. Essential take them in a bag.
  16. The race is part of the Challenge 10K races, for the 2018-2019 racing calendar. It is mandatory to run the race with the number placed in the front and visible. The organization will take charge of the participants without number. Participation in the event is under the responsibility and own risk of the participants in the race. The organization disclaims all liability for damages that participants may arise during the race, to themselves or to third parties.
  17. You can participate wheelchair or trolley track, but not with hand bike.
  18. People with visual impairments must be properly identified as the person who serves as a guide. To qualify for ranking and prizes in the category  of visual impairment, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy and wheelchair must attach a copy of the card certifying disability nassos@lasansi.com. If you need a guide, it should be noted that data (name and surname, ID number, date of birth, mobile phone and email address).
  19. The awards for visual impairment, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy and wheelchair categories  will have finished the race as long as a minimum of three athletes, whether male or female. The awards are delivered the same day of the race. You must go to the podium area once the race to find the first, second and third. Failure to collect the prize is given up for lost.
  20. The categories are mutually exclusive, that is, the same person can not be awarded in two categories.
  21. Allow participants explicitly that its name, surname, sex and year of birth appearing on lists of participants, as well as the results if they finish the race, following the guidelines.
  22. The act of registering implies acceptance of these rules and regulations of the racing line of the Catalan Federation of Athletics (http://www.fcatletisme.cat/Ruta). The organization decides on any incident that is not planned.
  23. In the event of not reaching the maximum estimated amount of participation, the organization reserves the right to extend the registration period. If this occurs, the organization can modify the registration fee upwards.